Our Asian getaway: Thailand, Singapore and a little bit of Malaysia

It has been a week since we came from Asia, and I admit that we are not readjusted jet. It feels like the world is turning around me much to fast as I am still on slow frequencies and cannot comprehend this speed.
Living in western world is pure luxury comparing to living in Asia, but it has its bad points as well. Maybe it is me getting old, but I less and less like that fast pace. Fast pace of functioning, and traveling too.

Slowly, slowly –that´s how I would do stuff, that´s what attracts me, but isn´t always possible.

That´s the reason why we planned and performed our last travel, which was quite short, in slow pace. And it felt so good 🙂 .

We were enjoying, resting, exploring, taking photographs, reading, playing cards, laughing, quarreling a little, eating crazy good food and indulging in massages. We would do it all over again.

Regardless of many traveled countries and kilometers, it was our first time in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. First think that comes to my mind is – it was so easy. Those destinations are great for first-time travelers, and were great for us as well, because it is nice to have a relaxing and indulging trip after a more difficult travel.
Main part of this travel was Koh Lipe, Thailand, an island and archipelago of small islands around it. The island Koh Lipe is also called Thailand´s Maldives, mainly because of white sand and turquoise sea. Island is cute, simpatico and very beautiful. Underwater world and snorkeling was fantastic, the food was great, the sea was warm and clean … the only thing that bothered me (many times in Asia) is the fact that locals don´t appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds them. It is market niche, of course… but to be more careful with waste, that is science fiction. That is just the way it is in Asia.

Even though Koh Lipe is awesome and I highly recommend it. Luckily, we were there before season and there were not a lot of tourists that are otherwise attracted to Thailand.

Before Thailand´s island we visited Singapore and were pleasantly surprised and Malaysia´s Langkawi that left us indifferent (as expected). It was our intermediate stop on our way to the final destination.
After a week of testing whether the meaning of life is to lie on the beach 🙂 , we went a little more to the north. We went to former Thailand´s capital Ayutthaya that thrilled us. We were riding bicycles among ancient temples, exploring and enjoying ourselves.

For the end, we went to Bangkok. It is chaotic capital of Thailand but we managed to fit in and enjoy. Until visiting The Grand Palace, from where we quickly run away, even though the entry fee was expensive (50 eur for a family). It was crowded of mainly Chinese tourists and their selfie sticks were swinging around our heads. That is just not for us. Solution: first a cheap massage, than even cheaper pad thai and then visiting more peaceful and less crowded temple in the middle of Bangkok.

First conclusion: I can´t say that this travel gave us some great traveling surpluses, but it was so easy and nice that we would do it many times more. It was great for retreat and some pure indulgence and enjoyment. In the future, we will stay away from the most famous must-see-places and rather explore even more of genuine background. We will come to Singapore and Thailand again, for sure.

You will be able to find more information and traveling advices in articles yet to come. For now, there are a few photos to conjure up atmosphere of this travel.