Our Australian adventure

2 passionate girls and 2 ration boys, 4 musketeers together in good or bad.

28 days, 3 countries, 7 flights and 8000 kilometers on the roads of Australian vastness. Camper and 4WD. Luckily no health problems. A little more money spent as we are used to. The weather to wish for – some cold days, some hot days and many ideal temperature days inbetween. Many walked kilometers, even more great views that astound you. But also tiredness, lack of will and questions as “Why are we doing this again?”.

Vastness, animals, wilderness, silence, stars… so many stars that you can hardly believe. At that moment, you are fully aware of how small we actually are. Moreover, we felt grateful just for the fact that we exist.
We took almost 9000 photos and many videos and played many hours of cards. 5 books read, some quarrels and much more moments when we felt connected.

Freedom, serenity, acceptance, openness and width. Gratitude and presence.

Ancient culture and beautiful sacred sites of Aborigines on one side and sad view on Aborigines that decay and can´t adjust to city life on the other side. Alcohol destroys – Down Under and here, everywhere.

Nature, its colors and sounds, love at first sight – over and over again.

Locals that are so open, always ready for a talk or help.

Thousands of birds, hundreds of parrots, many crocodiles – saltyes and freshies, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, flying foxes, emus, even camels and luckily only one snake. Snake of fluorescent yellow, allegedly not toxic (if you believe that 🙂 ).

Much too many dead animals by the roads; run down by vehicles. So sad, but true.

Ravines, waterfalls, rivers, canyons, mountains, deserts, forests, lakes and oceans. And rocks and stones – in so many unbelievable shapes and colors, that you can hardly imagine. The most beautiful on the world. For sure.
Kuala Lumpur. Sydney. Darwin. Singapore. Four cities, all so different. Just one was the right one. The city that we would move to, right now. Because it has that something. Because it can put a smile on your face, a peace in your heart, and that is something we don´t usually feel in the cities. The city that has width, freedom, coolness and openness.

A magnificent nature in between. From South to North, on famous Stuart Highway.

Winding Great ocean road with wonderful views on well-known apostles hides more than just view on wide ocean. It hides forests of eucalyptus, the biggest population of wild koalas in Australia, many kangaroos and parrots of all sorts and colors.

Coober Pedy, opal capital of the world with its mines and below-ground residences. Almost ghost town, strange, special and cut of the rest of the world.

Uluru. Kata Tjuta. Kings Canyon. Infinitive beauty of red center. Australian outback that offers scenery for one of the best road trips on the world. Devils marbles. Cherry on the cake that you shouldn’t leave out if you are traveling there. The best camping in the wild on our trip was by the mystical rocks, under billions of Milky Way stars. The best photo shooting ever.

West Australia. Romantic sunsets, extensive views and indulging by Argyle Lake, a real oasis in the middle of red Australian desert. Land of Australian baobabs. And Purnululu, the most remote, wild and hard part of our journey. Pure wilderness, untouched and authentic. Comfort zone 0%

For the end Top End at north. When you expect nothing, you get the most. Nitmiluk NP and Katherine Gorge. First crocodiles and boat ride in George at night. So expensive, but also so beautiful. Tropical climate, tropical plants and a lot of water. Finally. Leliyn Falls – the best swimming under the waterfall so far. Refreshment that cannot compare to anything else. More waterfalls, more swimming and termite mounds in Litchfield NP.

For the end, for the cherry on the cake. Kakadu NP. The biggest and for many the most beautiful national park Down Under. Its own world. And what a world! Wow! I can hardly find the right words for as it was so beautiful. Yellow river billabong. And many more billabongs. And animals, how many animals. Rivers with crocodiles. With so many crocodiles, saltyes. And stories, true stories, even with tragic ends. Ancient aboriginal paintings and sacred sites. Respect and peace.

That was our Australia. And still is, as we haven´t come down to earth quite yet. We can´t comprehend everything yet.

However, in chaos of here and now we try to remember the sentence we heard so many times on this journey:

No worries.