Our top places of south Switzerland

Many of you would think Switzerland, that´s not for me, it is too expensive.
Well, let me tell you a secret: Switzerland is crazy expensive or not so much. You can guess which option we choose 🙂 .

We were exploring south Switzerland twice, both times in summer. Why?

Because in summer the weather is nicer and you can camp, which is the reason why you can explore great nature of Switzerland for reasonable price. Camps are as good as you would expect of Swiss and price for a night for four persons was between 30 and 40 Euros. The biggest expense – among spending the night – is food, so we cooked for ourselves. For every lover of nature, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, views that take your breath away … Switzerland is definitely the country for your wish-list. You won´t regret it.

Further on we will introduce you to the places, that are dear to our hearts and we recommend visiting. On maps you can see round trip that we suggest if you are going to Switzerland for the first time. For this trip you should take 7 to 10 days, possible even with less days and of course with many more. Our trip was a little different as we were exploring this area twice. The first time the area around Furkapass and Lauterbrunnen and the second time Zermatt and Val d Herens. But nevertheless, you can combine and adjust your trip to your time.

Those are the places that we liked the most in Switzerland:


Switzerland is green. Even greener than Slovenia – it is hard to believe, but it is true.

Our first contact with Switzerland was on area around Furkapass and glacier Rhone, where we went to inland and sadly observed the effect of global warming to our beautiful planet and we saw how glacier is smaller every year. Furkapass area and nearby Grimselpass is so beautiful that you can easily explore the whole day. You can enjoy in color green intertwine with mountains, lakes and views.


Lauterbrunnen is valley with many waterfalls and magnificent views, so beautiful that you cannot get tired of. I could be here days and weeks, as this is one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen – and I have seen many. For the final touch it is surrounded on one side by majestic peaks of Monch, Eiger, Jungfrau and on the other side by many waterfalls which makes everything even more fairytale-like. In this valley we found idyllic camp Jungfrau, tidy as you would expect for Swiss and we spent there a few great days and left with heavy hearts. The prices in this camp were comparable with those in Croatian camps in the high season, so you shouldn´t have excuses for not visiting Switzerland.


Wengen lies above magical Swiss valley Lauterbrunnen and above it Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau reign, triplet of magnificent mountains that make every nature-lover´s heart sings. Swiss have their infrastructure very well organized and are fully aware of their natural beauties and the value of their nature. And their own value, of course. This is where Slovenes have problems.
You cannot come to Wengen by car, only by train from Lauterbrunnen or from Grindelwald. At first that seems a little strange and much more expansive as driving your car, but you soon understand that this is the best way to take care for the nature and for the smallest possible effect of egoistic human factor to the nature. From Wengen you can go higher with a gondola drive, to Mannlichen stop. And there you can see magnificent view to the mountains and to the valley beneath. Mannlichen offers many beautiful paths – round and one-way – that are suitable for children as well. We decided to go on three-hours round trip, that took us under the hillside of Eiger, where beautiful lakes and springs are and you can cool your warm and tired legs there. And enjoy the views.


Trummelbach Falls are unique glacier waterfalls, accessible under the ground – inside of a mountain and combine waters of Jungfrau, Eiger and Monch glaciers in Switzerland. The amount of water they carry is unbelievable – up to 20.000 liters of water per second fall in those waterfalls that we can explore through interesting ravines, galleries, tunnels, paths and platforms. They lie in Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is also called valley of 72 waterfalls.
Trummelbach Falls were not the only ones that thrilled us and not the only one that we saw. We don´t know the names of others, but the experience of water energy that creates and nothing can stop it, remains. How small and powerless we are against nature is something we should be aware of. Even and especially when we are fine 🙂 .


When we were exploring Switzerland for the first time we went to the lake with great name – Bach, on the area that is called First. We ascended with gondola a little higher and then went for an hour walk, suitable for younger children that are used to walk at least a little, to Bachalpsee Lake. The area is beautiful, as well as the views and the lake. And for adrenalin lovers the path down can be especially interesting. At the end, we were all lucky – even kids that are taken care of everywhere in Switzerland, with interesting playgrounds that are always compounded in nature. Hats off, we could learn from them.


For me Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain on the world. The easiest and the most beautiful was to access the mountain is from town Zermatt. Zermatt was bathing in sunlight (in our second visit) and we went on three-hours long round path to hillside of Matterhorn. The path is suitable for every child that can walk for three hours. That was truly something that we wished for a long time. We didn´t spend the night in Zermatt because of high prices, but in a camps in nearby valley – Val d Herens. To Zermatt you cannot go by car, only by train and that is something you just have to accept. Early mornings are important so you can have the most of your day and avoid common afternoon cloudiness. It is definitely worth it.


Val D Herens is another beautiful Swiss valley that lies south of Sion. It is valley of natural pyramids, Glaciers, lakes and shades of green. Morning temperature made us a little uncomfortable, as it was only 5°C and required warm sleeping bags and clothes. The weather was typically mountainous – sunny and cold in the morning and warm and cloudy with some rain showers in the afternoon. So we started our morning early.
We went to see Ferpecle glacier with its wonderful valley and clay “coast” by the river that kids were thrilled about. Their mother wasn´t so thrilled about their clothes afterwards (it was filthy of clay)

In the valley there are also earth pyramids in place called Euseigne and big dam Grande Dixence that was exceptional in its size and amount of water trapped between mountains. But we wondered what would happened if the dam would leak or crash 🙂 . Actually we don´t want to know.


At the end of Val d Herens valley there is Arolla with many trekking paths, suitable for younger children as well as for real climbers and trekkers. We chose the path to the lake Lac Blue and were thrilled of its beauty. Let the photos speak – why is it named Blue 🙂 .

You can end your trip to Switzerland by going over pass St. Bernard to Aosta, Italy, where there are, by the way, great amount of possibilities for another adventure. More about htem you can read here. Or you can go through Martigny further to France, to Chamonix under “White mountain” – Mont Blanc.

Even though we are great lovers of Julian Alps and the Dolomites, we were thrilled about nature of south Switzerland in combination with Italy (Aosta) and France (Chamonix). And I know we are not the only ones.