Ouzoud – a waterfall by red rocks of Marocco

We are attracted to waterfalls. Maybe it´s because they refresh us and fill us with their energy for all new experiences, beauties and problems that wait for us around the corner.

This particular waterfall, integrated in red Moroccan landscape, wasn´t any exception. For all of you that will have enough time while traveling through Morocco, we highly recommend it. Enough time means at least ten days. You should have that much time to feel and experience Marocco. More time is even better, if circumstances (finances and free days) allow that.

We went to see waterfall Ouzoud at the beginning of our trip, so we made a mistake and hired a guide that offered his help at the parking place on starting point for round way. I advise against hiring a guide. Round way is accessible to all, it is not hard to find and you can´t get lost. Otherwise he was nice, but we don´t get along guides very well. Besides, he guided us through “Cooperative feminine”, where organic products are produces from argan nuts. There are a lot of “Cooperative feminine” all over Morocco. Be attentive and read hidden labels and small print on those organic products as they weren´t nearly as organic as they said. Moreover, they were expensive – comparing to prices somewhere else. I noticed that cream that I bought wasn´t organic only when I read small print with all the ingredients… But that´s how we learn, especially the naïve ones 🙂 .

If you decide to visit waterfalls, I recommend stopping at one of little “restaurants” with the view on waterfall. They serve delicious tajine for normal Moroccan price. You can get meat or vegetable ones, whatever you prefer. There is really minimal chance to get poisoned or get digestion problems as everything is well roasted, prepared on fire so safe even for sensitive stomachs.

Nowhere in Morocco you shouldn´t allow them to trick you and serve tajine in a plate. The last day in Marrakesh, they try to do that to us, because the restaurant was crowded and we sovereignly declined. That is effect of many driven kilometers on Moroccan red roads.