Our top 5 of Montenegro

Montenegro wasn´t even on our travel wish list. Even though we don´t believe in coincidences – it appeared Montenegro will be just another Balkan country we will drive through on our way home from Greece. At first we intended to go home over Bulgaria, but then we changed our plan … več o tem →

Wild animal life of Iceland

We didn´t hope for much of wild life in Scotland and Iceland. OK, we knew we will see sheep on Scotland, but we have seen sheep so many times, that it wouldn´t be anything special. We were expecting to see Icelandic horses and we were looking forward to that – … več o tem →

Summit of our trip to Oman – from red Wahiba dunes to green Wadi Bhani Khalid

The day when we run on red and hot Wahiba dunes in the morning and only a few hours later we were bathing in green oasis Wadi Bhani Khalid was definitely summit of our trip to Oman. It was hot. Very hot. Actually crazy hot. We came to Wahiba dunes … več o tem →

Traveling through four countries

This year we spent first part of summer vacation with our brains on off mode in Greece and exploring Balkan. Last year, when we had summer holidays over the sea, we promised kids to go to Greece this year. Greece is their place of playing, socializing with friends, place to … več o tem →