Bohol – an island of chocolate hills and tarsiers

After short time exploring Palawan we went on Visayas group of islands, on island Cebu which we immediately left for green Bohol with its island Panglao. Bohol is beautiful, but Palawan is more authentic. On Bohol, locals are friendly – on Palawan are genuine friendly. Bohol is awash with high … več o tem →

Norris in Biscuit gejzirski dolini

When driving or walking through Yellowstone you have a feeling that there is smoke everywhere. Not only that you have that feeling, the earth really “leaks” and smokes. It smokes from earth, lakes, geysers, waterfalls… Sometimes it smells, sometimes not. Actually it doesn´t smell that much, considering the amount of … več o tem →


Rice terraces in high attitude on North of Luzon were our last stop when exploring Philippines. They are on Unesco World Heritage List and are considered as Eight Wonder of the World. We were very excited about going there, even though we were not sure if we will be able … več o tem →