Our Unesco list

Our UNESCO list contains quite a few beautiful places of the world (116 so far), and many others still wait for us, I believe. For travel destinations we never decide based on UNESCO list, but we agree that it is worth considering what the country of destination offers – and … več o tem →

Who are we

We are curious family of four from Slovenia (Europe). Two girls and two boys. Two in their mature years and two attend primary school. Girls are emotional and passionate, sometimes unpredictable, loud and expeditious. Boys are easy-going, rational and methodical. Their motto is “hurry slowly”, as we would say. We … več o tem →

Why do we travel

We like to travel and to ramble. Mostly because we enjoy it. Because we love to be together. Travel itself gives us width and help recognize all the beauty and wonders of nature and people all over the world. We like to leave our comfort zone and our cozy home, … več o tem →


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