Italy: strada Napoleonica, picturesque climbing area and Opicine

In spring we are all trying to find some sun and we are chasing higher temperatures and the scent of the sea. And spring by the sea has special charm even for us, mountains lovers. Strada Napoleonica or Napoleon trail is lookout path set up above Trieste and offers great … več o tem →

Slovenia: among saffron crocuses on Velika Planina

If you like nature and spring in its blossom, then you shouldn´t miss blossoming meadows of saffron crocuses on mountain pasture Velika Planina. Every year in the beginning of April mountain posture Velika planina and its surroundings become violet-blue because of saffron crocuses, which is realy great to see and … več o tem →

Our top 5 reasons for visiting Belize

Belize is little coastal country in Central America by Caribbean Sea. On north it borders Mexico and west and south it borders Guatemala. It used to be known as British Honduras, and was later named Belize by the river and the harbor of the same names. In Belize density of … več o tem →

Lake Bacalar and the lagoon of seven colours

Lake Bacalar with lagoon of seven colours is real pearl of Mexico, luckily remote enough from Cancun, Playa and Tulum that mass tourism didn´t reach it yet. When standing by beautiful lagoon of at least seven colours you don´t have a feeling that you are beside the lake, more like … več o tem →

Sian Ka´an

Sian Ka´an is nature reserve under Unesco protection, that lies on Yucatan peninsula, south from much more touristic Tulum. Part of it lies on land and the other part consist of Caribbean coast and coral reef. It has wide biotic diversity, animals of jungle and Maya´s ruins on one side … več o tem →

Mexico and Belize – travel logistic and practical travel advices

You need to make some groundwork and consider some logistic, when traveling on your own. You can go on your own even if you don´t prepare yourself, spontaneously, but that would cost more and it would be very time-consuming, believe me. Previous arrangements are valuable when traveling with kids and … več o tem →

5 beautiful less known places of Italy

Italy is country with so many beautiful places that I will never run out of this topic  This time I won´t write about the Dolomites or Tuscany, Rome or Amalfi coast, as those are the most touristic parts of Italy. I would like to write about our top five … več o tem →

Passo Giau

Even if you don´t have a lot of money, a lot of time or you don´t like traveling by plane, there are lots of beautiful places around you. A lot of places that are in beautiful nature. One of the most beautiful areas worth exploring are Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites … več o tem →