Iceland and Scotland – some logistic and technical informations

Some countries allow us to travel without any preparation and reservations in advance. Iceland and Scotland in high season are not among those. Because of high prices and limited capacities, it is wise to make reservation in advance, especially in high tourist season. For our trip in August, we have … več o tem →

Mexico and Belize: travel itinerary in words and photos – part 2

Belize was waiting for us 🙂 . Day 12: Chetumal – San Ignacio The minute we crossed the border, we felt different energy. From colorful, lively, passionate Mexican, to easygoing, spontaneous, slow Caribbean mood. Flora and fauna changed, villages looked different, and people were different. Those were great first feelings. … več o tem →

Isla Holbox – the pearl of Yucatan

Isla Holbox is an island on north side of Yucatan peninsula and is real pearl on too touristic Mexican Riviera. It is separated from mainland by lagoon, that is home of many birds, mostly pelicans and flamingos; but the whole island is part of nature reserve. To the island come … več o tem →

Belize Barrier Reef

Belize Barrier Reef is the most funky and beautiful underwater ecosystem as we have seen so far. Similar experience we had on Philippines Apo Island when we were swimming and snorkeling among tens of turtles and wonderful corals. Belize Barrier Reef is part of second largest coral reef on the … več o tem →

Las Coloradas

I won’t write too much in this article. Photos will tell everything… Las Coloradas are amazing pink salt pans and salt lakes in the northern part of Jucatan peninsula. It was beautiful. Just us and nobody around, no turists, not even locals. Peaceful, quiet beauty of nature. Whiteness, pink lakes … več o tem →

Mexico and Belize: travel itinerary in words and photos – part 1

Many of you are asking me questions about our travel to Mexico and Belize, so I decided to write a bit longer article with more details about out trip. I hope that you will be encouraged for new adventure, this time overseas. If you are a visual type of person, … več o tem →

The most beautiful spots of Peloponnese

Among all our travels Greece is the most visited country (along with Italy). Because of its natural beauty, kindness of locals, tasteful food and even better atmosphere deserves our attention and a new visit. Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece along with wonderful NW part and … več o tem →