Our top Unesco’s sights

At the end of the year it is time to do some statistics, to go through some past experiences, lessons and memories. Even though we are not fond of statistics, we´ve looked on our travels from that point of view. This time we were focusing on sights from Unesco´s world … več o tem →

Traveling review of 2016

Extraordinary traveling year 2015 (you can read about it here), was followed by wonderful year 2016. We were on travels outside Slovenia for 50 days, that is 14 days less than a year before and Peter even spare 4 days of annual holiday, which didn´t happen in a long time. … več o tem →

Traveling review of 2015

Traveling year 2015 was unbelievable and exceptional from all sides. I realize that it won´t be easy to repeat it, at least for a couple of years, as we have two kids that go to elementary school. Or maybe not, you never know 🙂 We were on travels outside Slovenia … več o tem →

Magical Dolomites and top 5 places around Cortina d´Ampezzo

Sometimes the biggest gems and beauties of the world are just in front of us, but we don´t see them, because we are so occupied by buying plane tickets and traveling to the other side of the world. Beside our beautiful Slovenia there is small part of the world that … več o tem →

Hallstatt and the oldest salt mine in the world

Hallstatt is an idyllic little town on the edge of North West Austria that lies by the lake and is listed on Unesco´s world heritage list. There are wonderful views on the bay and mountains that surround it and nearby there is also the oldest salt mine on the world. … več o tem →

Unesco´s Gjirokastro and Berat

Albania is opening to tourism more and more each year, but we still have many stereotypes about it. Some of those stereotypes are no longer true. It is true that Albania is poor country with unbelievably beautiful nature and many contrasts. While on country and in suburbs people are still … več o tem →

Pigeon island

Pigeon island is miniature island protected as national park on North East of Sri Lanka. It can be reached by boat from Nilaveli on east coast. Pigeon island is well known by the most beautiful coral reef in Sri Lanka and colorful underwater world. We don´t dive, but we love … več o tem →


Campania is Italian region around Naples, Amalfi coast and Calabria on south edge. We knew from beginning that we won´t drive to Naples, as we were not interested in dusty, dirty and dangerous city. Even – supposedly – the best pizza in the world didn´t change that. The different story … več o tem →