Passo Giau

Even if you don´t have a lot of money, a lot of time or you don´t like traveling by plane, there are lots of beautiful places around you. A lot of places that are in beautiful nature. One of the most beautiful areas worth exploring are Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites are magnificent, breathtaking, enthralling, different, wonderful, never boring and something special. That is the reason many travelers keep coming back.

So do we. Not every year, but almost every year. The best starting point – but not the only one – is Cortina d´Ampezzo. We always stay at camp Rochetta, which is great for meeting people of similar interests, that camp there, we met even some Slovenians. Families and individuals. Walkers and climbers. And everything in between. In mornings I enjoy drinking cappuccino quietly and in peace on a bench in front of reception and I listen to the river running nearby as I observe rising of the sun above the mountains. Cappuccino in one hand and brioche in the other. And amazing view to the mountains. Italy is unique gourmet country. Country of the best coffee, ice cream, brioches and pastas. And Cortina d´Ampezzo is no exception.

There are many passes around Cortina and more or less difficult paths, which take our breath away and open our hearts by their views. One of them is Passo Giau. Opposite of Passo Giau is more known Passo Falzarego, which surroundings we already explored. With little kids and without problems, as there are many paths suitable for the youngest. When we visited Passo Giau on our last visit, we intended to go on circular path from pass to wonderful Cinque torri, but we were stopped by the bad weather and heavy clouds above that area. That was the reason why we went exploring the other side of the pass, we went to Forcella Giau.

What can I say about that unexpected hike? We had no expectations, we improvised considering weather conditions and it was wonderful.

But the truth is that we never go to the Dolomites without accurate map of the path, good hiking shoes, caps and warm clothes (as the weather can instantly change) and a few liters of water.
Regardless of the weather we had – and still have – a wonderful time.