Port Barton

After sleepless and moist night in Manila we were anxious to sit on a plane early that morning and move to the first Philippines´ island – Palawan. We landed in Puerto Princess and didn´t want to lose any more time to touch Philippines´ sea – so we hired a van and drove approximately three hours to a village near sea which has not been overcrowded by tourism yet, Port Barton. I hope it will stay as it is, for a long a time. Peter and I have both agreed that we would be able to spend our retirement here. But on the other hand it is probably just a matter of time when this jewel of Philippines will turn into a popular tourist destination. At the latest when there will be a proper road, because our drive on partly non-asphalt road was at times an adrenalin ride, especially for the beginning of our trip to Asia. At the end we accepted transportation of all sorts – we just wished that they weren´t over air-conditioned and we were OK.

To our great surprise we met a Slovene in a van with eight people in it, traveling to Port Barton. Slovene that lives in Porto Princess. Not only Slovene, almost a neighbor. World is really small. J

Port Barton is … well, Port Barton. Place where we rested and filled our batteries and had a really nice time. I wish that there won´t be a proper road for a long time. 🙂