We spent the first day of our USA and Canada journey in Seattle. We started day early because we’ve got jet lag of time difference (9 hours) and we were all awake in the middle of the night. The main tourist attraction in Seattle is Space Needle, from which in beautiful days there’s a view to Pacific and to 4392 meters high Mount Rainer – mountain which is actually a volcano and underneath is national park of the same name. We were able to see Pacific nicely, but we didn’t see Mount Rainer that day. Never mind – we saw it next day when we visited the national park underneath.

It is worth to visit Space Needle when weather is nice, even though it is not cheap. Entrance fee for family is around 80 euros. From Space Needle kids saw huge and interesting playground nearby, which was – without a doubt – our next stop. We have never before seen so movement-interesting and inventive playground equipment. It was pure joy to watch them climbing around – and sometimes it was fearful.

Must see in Seattle is also Pike Place market, old town of Seattle with town marketplace where you can experience city throb and where everybody can find something that he likes. If not otherwise – good Chinese restaurant, where you can eat for reasonable price. Pike Place market is situated by the coast; it is surrounded by steep streets, which go down to it.

Like in many other capitals, here as well intertwine wealth and poverty. Two poles, two worlds, two extremities. But Seattle has a soul and that is what we liked the most.