Slovenia: seven Triglav Lakes and Kanjavec

Bohinj was regularity of my childhood and summer holidays. We went there every summer end enjoyed in the house in the middle of forest, bathing in clean lake and trekking on surrounding mountains. Without much philosophy or complications we went on trekking to Seven Triglav Lakes almost every year. Up the hill over Komarča, to Prehodavci, by the lakes back to Komna and down the hill. Or the other way. All in one day. In ordinary, much used sneakers. I know what would parent say about that today – irresponsible, too much, dangerous, poor kids 🙂 .

But for us that wasn´t big deal, it definitely didn´t leave any trauma and life was wonderfully easy.. Now we complicate too much.

That is why Seven Triglav lakes have special place in my heart, where I like to come back. Because it is really beautiful. Here and then I conquer a new peak, otherwise I walk on well known paths. In good mountain boot but with much more effort 🙂 .

So two years ago Peter and I, on weekend without kids, went on trekking to Kanjevec past those seven lakes. We had company of special quite mountain friends. Those that are at home in those mountains.

In years with little kids we became hikers instead of true mountaineers, but for everything in life, there is “right time”. We have less form, because mostly we go to the mountains together with children. But we don´t mind. Different times have different colors. It is good to know how to enjoy in all shades of those colors, that we call our lives.