Sian Ka´an

Sian Ka´an is nature reserve under Unesco protection, that lies on Yucatan peninsula, south from much more touristic Tulum.
Part of it lies on land and the other part consist of Caribbean coast and coral reef. It has wide biotic diversity, animals of jungle and Maya´s ruins on one side and underwater world on the other side – it deserves to be on Unesco´s list of world heritage.

You can explore Sian Ka´an from land or water, form two different starting points and therefore you get two different experiences. The area is so width, that it isn´t possible to explore the whole nature reserve with only one visit.

If you want to enjoy in Sian Ka´an´s turquoise lagoons and see flora and fauna of underwater world, than your starting point is Javier Rojo Gomez, little town by the sea that is hard to reach – the road from Tulum is macadam with many holes, so you should plan at least three hours in one way. Because it is so hard to reach, it is better to find accommodation in town and explore this part of Caribbean coast and the sea part of nature reserve in peace and easy pace, without too much of tourist crowd.

We decided to explore nature reserve from its land side. Starting point is Muyil and nearby there are less known but not any less beautiful Mayan pyramids.

Nevertheless you enter the reserve from land; you reach the first lagoon after only a few minutes of drive. There you can hire a boat with a driver and go further on natural lagoons through mangroves and wild nature. At the end you can swim among mangroves as well.
It was wonderful experience, total opposite of touristic Mexican Riviera. We were almost alone; there was just another couple that we shared boat with.

The experience was worth every minute of our time, and I recommend it to all travelers and explorers of Mexican peninsula Yucatan.