Singapore by night

As it stands for many world metropolises, Singapore is the most beautiful at night. Night and lights conjure wonderful scenery and the »dark part of the day« is the best time to explore this little country.

You can explore Singapore many days but if you prefer nature over cities, is one day enough. We actually didn´t have the whole day, just an afternoon, evening and part of the night, the other part of the night we slept in a hotel, exhausted. The next day we went to the airport and continue our journey.
Even though we didn´t have a lot of time, we enjoyed futuristic scenery of Gardens by the bay Park, went to evening light show and walked around Marina Bay looking at magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Singapore is expensive city but we can indulge in delicious tastes in their long at night opened foodcourts for a reasonable price.
We got a basic room in a hotel near center of the town for 80 eur for four persons. It is acceptable for such an expensive city.

So even though if you have only a day on your journey of exploring Asia, it is worth visiting the cleanest metropolis and enjoy in its night life´s vibe.