Slovenia: Slatnik and Mozic

Indian autumn was rich with its blessings this year. We climbed to two wonderful mountain tops with great view – Slatnik and Možic.We came through Bohinjska Bistrica to Soriška Planina which was our starting point. Soon after first slope we reached mountain ridge where the view opens. Walking on the ridge is pure joy and we met many families with kids as those mountains are appropriate for kids. One of the reasons is a lot of bunkers from WWI that are well preserved and you can explore their tunnels. It is safe as tunnels are renewed, so don´t worry 🙂 . It is necessary to have a light though. This kind of exploring and additional activity in the nature or mountains is always good motivation for kids to walk.
Slatnik, Možic and nearby Lajnar are great even in winter months, just that we cannot explore bunkers because of snow. But the views are still – or even more – beautiful in the winter. We recommend this place a lot 🙂 .
And if you wish to cheer up your kids afterward, you should take them to restaurant Štrudl in Bohinjska Bistrica for big plate of “šmorn” (dessert form pancake pastry). It was yummy 🙂 .