South coat of Malta with megalithic temples Hagar Qim and Mnajdra

Only a few more days and here will be spring and May Day holidays. You know how it is with travelers. You can do statistics for past but more often and with grater pleasure you do statistics for the future – even more with employees that have limited amount of free days.

And that statistic – which we already knew it a year before– is that for 4 days off work you can get 10 days for a little travel. Not bad 🙂 .

I admit that we don´t know where we will go this year. Last year we were wandering South Italy – Puglia, Basilicata and Matera, Campania, and it was great. This year we are drawn to south more than to north of Europe. We are going to North Europe in the summer – we already bought plane tickets and made – stinking expensive – reservations, we rented a car and reserved our summer days off 🙂 .

But where to go for May Day holidays? We don´t know it yet, but we know what we can recommend.


We have visited it last spring and it enthused us beyond our expectations. It is mix of Italian, British and African culture with authentic colored villages, wonderful wild coast, breath taking cliffs, megalithic temples, old parts of towns, tasteful culinary and for a decent price.

A lot about Malta has been written in recent posts already, this time I would like to write about its South coast which is wild and funky, non-touristic but easy accessible. UNESCO protects two parts of old megalith temples – Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. Among them there is coast that you shouldn´t leave out when exploring Malta.

Hagar Qim and Mjandra are jointed with walking path by the sea. You have to step aside just a little to see beautiful views, rocky windows, sea caves and wild bays. A special energy is there, which is no surprise, because in old days they knew where to build megalith temples, which expand already exiting energy.

We really felt good in Malta and were pleasantly surprised. We wouldn’t go there in summer – because of the heat, tourists and because their beaches can´t be compared with beaches of our beloved Greece.

But we can honestly say that Malta is one of best European destinations for spring or summer travel.