What are you going to do at those rocks? They are just stones! … That´s what we have been listening since we told that one day of our trip to London will be dedicated to Stonehenge and surroundings.

For me those aren´t just stones.

30 impressive and powerful rocky structures testify to old megalithic culture as they mysteriously rise upright in the middle of Salisbury’s lowland. Experts agree that Stonehenge is the most beautiful and the most magnificent witness of old megalithic culture in Europe, supposedly built around 1600 BC, but there are still many mysteries and enigma about its origin.
At first glance it may seem as jumble of upstanding and overturning rocks, but looking from above its shape becomes clearer. It is series of concentric circles of compositions of soil and bigger or smaller rocks.

All the research that have been made revealed that all 30 rocks of outside circle and 49 smaller rocks of inner circle were extremely carefully positioned and smoothened only by tools made of stones. The question how they managed to bring those heavy stones from Preseli Mountains that are more than 200 km away, still remains unanswered. The purpose of those stones also remains unknown.

It is obvious that ancient people knew rhythms of nature precisely and that Stonehenge is built totally according to them. Most archeologists agree that Stonehenge was place for rituals. Funerary rituals, but not just them. They agree that megalithic monuments were places where people met for worshipping the Earth, Nature and Life. People got together at special occasions, as winter and summer solstice. At summer solstice the sun rises and at winter solstice the sun sets along axis that symbolically divides this megalithic monument on two parts.

How incredible was connection that ancient people had with nature and its rhythms and how they respected them and were able to follow them. And even though this days Stonehenge is touristic attraction and it is not allowed to walk among megaliths, just around them, I liked this monument more than any of attractions of nearby London, otherwise beautiful, but not natural 🙂 .

They say people are different. Luckily 🙂 .