Summit of our trip to Oman – from red Wahiba dunes to green Wadi Bhani Khalid

The day when we run on red and hot Wahiba dunes in the morning and only a few hours later we were bathing in green oasis Wadi Bhani Khalid was definitely summit of our trip to Oman.

It was hot. Very hot. Actually crazy hot. We came to Wahiba dunes a day before, but were not able to enjoy sunset because of sandstorm. The sand was everywhere – in our noses, mouths, ears, eyes and very soon, we found out that camping at the foot of the dunes won´t be possible.

Therefore, we found a hotel by the road in nearby town Bidiyah for reasonable price. I will never forget small heap of sand that fall of our clothes. 🙂

Next morning greeted us with clear sky and view. There were no sign of wind. Yeah, let´s go play in giant sandpit. J It is wise to get up early here and explore the dunes before the sun starts to beat down hard. At 8 a.m. it was already too hot and we didn´t endure anymore, we went to our hotel to take a shower and then to Indian restaurant for yummy breakfast. We very much liked Indian and Pakistani food that we ate in Oman, kids as well, so we decided that we should go to India soon. 🙂

Only an hour away from hot red Wahiba dunes there were fairytale green wadis waiting for us. That was a sight and happiness. Wadi Bhani Khalid is the most beautiful and well known. We were not the only tourists there but I admit that I don´t remember where we saw so little tourists as in Oman. That made our trip even more magical. If you feel safe at the same time – halleluiah. 🙂

Wadi Bhani Khalid is really beautiful – let the photos speak. The only imperfection is water in wadis, which is too hot and you don´t cool down as you would want.

We went further to Sur and in next days, we visited two more wadis (Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab) and Bimmah Sinkhole.

What can I say? Oman has a really crazy beautiful landscape and contrasts between red, dry, hot dunes and (still) hot and exuberantly green wadis are magical. Like fairytale.

When we add old culture, friendly people and very delicious food…

How can it be better than this?