Sur and Wadi Tiwi

Coastal city Sur was the most southern part of our Oman trip. City itself is nothing special, but we liked it, because we experienced local throb of life here. On beaches of Sur there is rich social life going on in the afternoons and evenings and it is allied with recreation and playing football. There is nothing better for Lan and here again we got confirmation how easy kids are when it comes to socialize – they are unconcerned about their faith, language or culture. Those locals that don´t play football, sit around on the pavements and talk, they don´t stare at their phones, tablets or computers.

The difference between men and women is very obvious – we almost didn´t see a women here. Social life of women is happening behind the walls, separated of outside world.

Oh, how happy I am to be born in society where I can equally and freely move around and live, while in other parts of the world that is not to be something granted. I know – women here can be happy too, in their own worlds and our women can be free but unhappy. But possibilities to change your life, your view of the world, to explore and word, to be lost and found, to love and to choose … are much bigger in our world. And we should really be thankful for that. Gratitude opens a lot of doors – mostly those in us. 🙂

In the evening, when we were coming back from dinner, we stopped at local bakery. And we had cinema for free as kids said – through window we were watching how they were making cakes. For someone that wouldn´t be interesting but for our little chefs it could not be better.

Those – on first sight small – things, as playing football with local kids or watching cake-making process… give the travel its special charm and additional value.

Next morning we went to Wadi Tiwi and there is really beautiful. We were exploring beautiful valley and village at the end, we were lost and found, we were driving through water and by it, enjoying all contrasts of colors and cooling down under banana trees.

We will do this again – one day. 🙂