5 beautiful less known places of Italy

Italy is country with so many beautiful places that I will never run out of this topic  This time I won´t write about the Dolomites or Tuscany, Rome or Amalfi coast, as those are the most touristic parts of Italy. I would like to write about our top five … več o tem →

Our top 5 places of South Morocco

Morocco is country that enthuse. It is easy to travel and offers a lot. It is paradise for photographers and nature lovers, for those that like contrasts, flavors and authenticity. Morocco is red and green, is terracotta, is sweet and spicy, hidden and veiled, wild and authentic, colorful and aromatic, … več o tem →


Campania is Italian region around Naples, Amalfi coast and Calabria on south edge. We knew from beginning that we won´t drive to Naples, as we were not interested in dusty, dirty and dangerous city. Even – supposedly – the best pizza in the world didn´t change that. The different story … več o tem →