Passo Giau

Even if you don´t have a lot of money, a lot of time or you don´t like traveling by plane, there are lots of beautiful places around you. A lot of places that are in beautiful nature. One of the most beautiful areas worth exploring are Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites … več o tem →

Traveling review of 2016

Extraordinary traveling year 2015 (you can read about it here), was followed by wonderful year 2016. We were on travels outside Slovenia for 50 days, that is 14 days less than a year before and Peter even spare 4 days of annual holiday, which didn´t happen in a long time. … več o tem →

Magical Dolomites and top 5 places around Cortina d´Ampezzo

Sometimes the biggest gems and beauties of the world are just in front of us, but we don´t see them, because we are so occupied by buying plane tickets and traveling to the other side of the world. Beside our beautiful Slovenia there is small part of the world that … več o tem →