Lake Bacalar and the lagoon of seven colours

Lake Bacalar with lagoon of seven colours is real pearl of Mexico, luckily remote enough from Cancun, Playa and Tulum that mass tourism didn´t reach it yet. When standing by beautiful lagoon of at least seven colours you don´t have a feeling that you are beside the lake, more like … več o tem →

Sian Ka´an

Sian Ka´an is nature reserve under Unesco protection, that lies on Yucatan peninsula, south from much more touristic Tulum. Part of it lies on land and the other part consist of Caribbean coast and coral reef. It has wide biotic diversity, animals of jungle and Maya´s ruins on one side … več o tem →

Las Coloradas

I won’t write too much in this article. Photos will tell everything… Las Coloradas are amazing pink salt pans and salt lakes in the northern part of Jucatan peninsula. It was beautiful. Just us and nobody around, no turists, not even locals. Peaceful, quiet beauty of nature. Whiteness, pink lakes … več o tem →