A short but sweet trip to Belgium

Going to Belgium for some waffles, chocolate and exploring fairytale-like little towns? Why not?  For many, and just at first sight, Belgium means Brussels. But luckily that´s just first impression, as Belgium is much more than just Brussels that many link only to job duties and European Parliament. Because … več o tem →


What are you going to do at those rocks? They are just stones! … That´s what we have been listening since we told that one day of our trip to London will be dedicated to Stonehenge and surroundings. For me those aren´t just stones. 30 impressive and powerful rocky structures … več o tem →

The most beautiful spots of Peloponnese

Among all our travels Greece is the most visited country (along with Italy). Because of its natural beauty, kindness of locals, tasteful food and even better atmosphere deserves our attention and a new visit. Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece along with wonderful NW part and … več o tem →

Exploring Ravenna and river Pad´s delta with surrounded area

We treated ourselves with long weekend at school break in February. We went to explore and indulge ourselves in neighbor Italy. Maybe someone is looking for an ideal destination to relax from everyday life, which is not too far and is suitable for long weekend that´s coming. For our last … več o tem →

Indians and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Original inhabitants of America are Indians – Native Americans as they named them. They are wonderful market niche for Americans but at the same time they are outcasts and on the edge of society. Equality that is so important to Americans fall apart when speaking of Indians. Many Indians are … več o tem →