Fairytale Santorini

Neither my travel plan nor my holiday plan didn´t include Santorini. If someone would said to me at the beginning of the year that I am going to Santorini this year, I would be sure, that it is wrong. Even when the opportunity occurred I wasn´t sure that it is … več o tem →

Idyll on England´s countryside: Avebury stones

We were not we, if we wouldn’t want something different, less city throb and more nature, when visiting London not long ago. We flew with Easyjet from Brnik to Gatwick and rented a car immediately after landing. We didn´t go to London right away as other tourists, as we decided … več o tem →

5 beautiful less known places of Italy

Italy is country with so many beautiful places that I will never run out of this topic  This time I won´t write about the Dolomites or Tuscany, Rome or Amalfi coast, as those are the most touristic parts of Italy. I would like to write about our top five … več o tem →

Hallstatt and the oldest salt mine in the world

Hallstatt is an idyllic little town on the edge of North West Austria that lies by the lake and is listed on Unesco´s world heritage list. There are wonderful views on the bay and mountains that surround it and nearby there is also the oldest salt mine on the world. … več o tem →