That secret place of the heart

We´ve found it. Many years ago. It takes 25 hours to get there by ferry or 15 hours by car. We´ve found the most beautiful camp under hundred years old olive trees and it was (and still is) our summer sanctuary.

A place where all the pieces come together. Where everything is as it should be. Where all the masks are gone and you are just being you, living different tempo. Where time stops and you don´t have to do anything, anything at all, you just are.

For me and my family this little place under the Sun means a lot. It was waiting for us with its peacefulness when we most needed it. And it is still the place where we, full of fast tempo of modern world, connect the most and the easiest, where we rest, let go and surrender to the kindness of locals, to taste of authentic Greece food, to let go under shelter of olive trees, with laughter of friends, sand that massages our feet and sea that chills and awakens us.

I am endlessly grateful that we were open and courageous enough to go towards this special place. Grateful to our friends that showed it to us and that they make our warm days of June and evenings with stars and sunsets even more beautiful.

It comes a year, when our traveling spirit is taking us far away to explore other parts of the world. To other countries, different landscapes and different people. I feel that this is OK. But at the same time I know that somewhere in magical Greece there is a place that will be ours forever, that we can always come back to, that always accepts us and treats us with its beauty.

This year, in time of summer solstice which is usually the time when we are there, we have it only in our thoughts and hearts. The country that we are going to is just as well unique and special. And our hearts are ready for new adventures, experiences and beauty.