The Cyprus on our own

I admit – we were eagerly waiting for May holidays as we didn´t travel to somewhere warm during the winter. At first we intended to go on a road trip to Romania, but after lack of sun in the spring, we quickly changed our minds. We noticed great price for plane tickets to Cyprus – 50 eur per person – and it didn´t take long for us to decide. Let it be Cyprus 🙂 .

And it was. At first glance Cyprus doesn´t have a lot to offer. Classical resorts and hotels by the beach are not what we want for our holidays. However, Cyprus offers a lot more to offer than just sunbathing at hotel´s beach, we checked. Of course, you can do that as well, but Cyprus is excellent for travelers that are more adventurous. Ravines, trekking paths, castles, views, salt lakes, flamingos, archeological and historical sites, turquoise bays and – last but not least – good food. The island is just the right size for a week-long active holidays.

We can´t imagine going to Cyprus in the summer, because of the heat and crowd. But for spring or autumn trip Cyprus is great destination. When we were there, temperatures were around 25°C and 30°C, except in mountainous inland, where it was a bit colder, around 20°C. The sea was cold, but not too cold to enjoy in it for longer time. Even more because the color of the bays was so beautiful that you could only stare and be totally enthused.

We drove in a rent-a-car all over the Cyprus. Country, officially named The Republic of Cyprus, lies on edge of east Europe, right under Turkey. The whole island is the Republic of Cyprus, but only two thirds on the south are under its control. Turkish forces have occupied the north part of the island in 1974 and established Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus, but only Turkey recognizes it as a country. In years that followed northern part became populated only by Turks and southern part only by Greeks, so those parts are also called Turkish and Greek part of the Cyprus. There is also a real border between them, but we had no problems and felt safe.

We personally prefer Greek part of the Cyprus, which was much more expensive then Turkish part. And more expensive than Greece itself. Cyprus isn´t the cheapest destination, but with some inventiveness its exploring can be less expensive. Especially if you chose to cook for yourself. But I admit that we didn´t save money with food as it means a big part of traveling experience for us. What can we do, we are gourmets 🙂 .

There is another interesting fact that surprised us. Cyprus is unbelievably clean. Especially its Greek part (northern Turkish part is … more Turkish 🙂 ). It is cleaner than many places where we have been, even in Europe. We were genuinely surprised. It is definitely a result of British influence, as Cyprus was British colony until 1960. If nothing else, they drive on left side and quite safe, so driving there was no problem for us.

Cyprus offered us exactly what we needed at that time. Short break and time for ourselves, for each other, time to indulge and to explore.

Later I will write more about the most beautiful parts of the island, but until then I am posting a few photos. It is worth catching a good deal and travel there in spring or autumn to explore an island that lies on crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus.