The gathering – Minneriya National Park

Our trip to Sri Lanka started in August and ended in September. At first glance it seems as bad time, because the best time to travel to Asia is our long and cold winter. But we weren´t sorry, not a bit. On the contrary. We enjoyed in wonderful weather, we explored less known and less touristic East part of Sri Lanka and we had a great opportunity to experience The Gathering – that is migration of elephants – in natural environment of Minneriya National Park. That was something the most beautiful in our lives. Hundreds of elephants in their natural habitat, that migrate every year at the end of August and at the beginning of September. “The Gathering” was declared by National Geographic as one of ten biggest animal spectacles in natural habitat.

So I can say – without a doubt – that Sri Lanka is beautiful even in time of our midterm holidays in August, when our lives are embellished by elephants, elephants and more elephants. Uncountable elephants which reign by the big lake Minneriya, walk freely by roads of Sigiriya and sometimes they come to the garden of boarding house where you stay – to eat some home grown vegetables. 🙂