Tindari and Cefalu

The most beautiful things are most of the times hidden to shallow tourists. Well-known and crowded tourist’s spots usually never represent the true beauty of the land and of people that live there.

I don´t say that we don´t get to see those tourist spots. We do. It is just that we understand, that to experience something genuine, we have to see other things too. Something hidden. Outside of well-known and crowded paths. Outside of comfort zone. That offers different experience that creates memories which stay alive for many years. Of course our exploring of the world reflects our life style. Everything that surrounds us is always just reflection of our inside. Always. And we really don´t live by saying “as easy as possible”. We live quite different than most of the people around us. We are weird – many times. We are genuine – most times. We act – almost never. We are looking for depth and beauty – always.

I am really grateful for those who sense us and our lives get intertwined. But we are different and our paths are different too. Luckily. Nature is here – always and everywhere. Wonderful and beautiful.

Wonderful and beautiful is also part of Sicily that we explored two years ago – its hidden North and surroundings of Tindari. We didn´t expect anything and we got so much. Somewhere out of crowded paths.