Tofana is the most beautiful scenery for the most beautiful place in the Dolomites – Cortina d Ampezzo. It doesn´t covers just one peak, but three – Tofana di Mezzo, Tofana di Dentro and Tofana di Roses.

We have not yet climbed to either of her peaks, unfortunately. Maybe sometimes somewhere when kids grow up. But we have admired it many times, form more or less near. We had trekking underneath it, beside it, partly on it, opposite of it and all that with little kids, because mostly paths aren´t difficult but the views are magnificent – sometimes even unearthly beautiful.

Cinque Torri deserves a special attention, because it is paradise for climbers, hikers and walkers. It is located near pass Passo Falzarego, opposite of wonderful scenery of Tofana, and is easy to access. From Cinque Torri you can admire Tofana in all its greatness and beauty. Most mountain and nature lovers never get tired of it – as we don´t. 🙂