Traveling review of 2015

Traveling year 2015 was unbelievable and exceptional from all sides. I realize that it won´t be easy to repeat it, at least for a couple of years, as we have two kids that go to elementary school. Or maybe not, you never know 🙂
We were on travels outside Slovenia for 64 days and visited Spain, Italy, Austria, USA, Canada, Malta and Philippines. Beside that we were exploring our beautiful Slovenia at weekends.
I am endlessly grateful for variety and beauty of experiences that still make our hearts warm.

That´s how we traveled:

Soon after New Year´s we went to Barcelona for 4 days. That was a whish of our young football player, who wanted to see Camp Nou. It was sort of a birthday gift as Lan celebrates his birthday in January.

At the end of April, we went to the part of Italy, we have never been before – its south edge. On 8 days long trip we visited Puglia, Basilicata and Campania and once again it became clear what we already know – Italy is for us the most beautiful country on the world (along with Greece and Slovenia 🙂 ).

Because we got special gift from Santa Clause in 2014 in the form of unbelievably cheap plane tickets to Seattle, we went to our first longer trip overseas in July. We started our 20 days long journey with exploring Vienna and then national parks of North West USA and parks of Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was wonderful.

We continued in August. We went to Italy again, for a weekend, to explore delta of river Soča in Italy and really beautiful nature reserve Isola della Cona.

There was sweet weekend in front of us, in Austria, our northern neighbors, we were tasting chocolate in Zotter chocolate factory and exploring its surroundings.

At the end of October, we went to 6 days long journey to Malta, again because of really cheap plane tickets we found.

In December there was a cherry on a cake of our travels – 23 days of heavenly Philippines.

In between – our beautiful Slovenia.

Thanks – I don´t know exactly to whom – to me, Peter, good luck, coincidence, Universe, the Earth. Thank you. 