Traveling review of 2016

Extraordinary traveling year 2015 (you can read about it here), was followed by wonderful year 2016.
We were on travels outside Slovenia for 50 days, that is 14 days less than a year before and Peter even spare 4 days of annual holiday, which didn´t happen in a long time.
We visited almost unbelievable amount of countries – 13 (7 new), but because of two not so cheap destinations (Oman with UAE and Scotland with Iceland) those travels were shorter.

It was nice to stay at home in January as we just came back from Philippines. Our first trip was in February, in time of school holidays. For three days we were exploring Ravenna, Rimini and delta of river Pad with surrounding area. That is a great idea for long weekend.

In April we went to weekend trip with our friends to Istria, Croatia, where we were roaming around idyllic Istrian villages, indulging in tasteful food and even found beautiful hidden waterfall.

After that we went on first lengthy travel at the end of April, to one of our travel peaks of year 2016: 8 days long journey to Oman and UAE. We were a little worried how this trip is going to end because of logistic and crossing border between UAE and Oman. But this trip was – and I am not exaggerating – fairytale like all days long, due to Peter´s profound preparation. We were so thrilled about Oman that it is one of our TOP 3 countries. Truly wonderful.

Our family tradition is to consider our kids wishes and go to Greece in summer every two years, to a special place that we really like and where we can charge our batteries and enjoy in company of our friends and locals. Usually we go to Greece by ferry from Trieste, Italy, which is – especially for young travelers – great adventure. But we go home every time by different path and this time we decided to go through Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia, so we visited my sister in Montenegro. We were positively surprised by Montenegro as it has great nature and people are very friendly. But unfortunately Bosnia disappointed us. But that´s how it is in life. With some people and some places you share vibration and with some you don´t. Nothing wrong with that.

Then there was time, when children went to grannies for holidays, so Peter and I take advantage of this moments and for 3 sunny days went to the Dolomites that we love so much. I don´t even count how many times we have been there, and we haven´t get tired of them.

Soon after that in August, we went to 14 days’ journey to Scotland and Iceland. Those countries would deserve a longer stay, but as that are really expensive destinations, we were not able to afford more. We managed to get to know Iceland well and drive the whole Big circle, but a big part of Scotland – mainly the islands and northern part – went unexplored. What can I say? Scotland is beautiful, but Iceland is just fantastic, magnificent, wild, funky, unpredictable, photogenic, special and crazy beautiful.

After that there were months of working, going to school, having all those obligations and saving money for adventures that are coming in year 2017.
During autumn holidays we wanted to go to Rome, but there were earthquakes on that part of Italy. That´s why we went to northern Austria and south Germany for two days, where we were exploring Hallstatt with surroundings.

Many other weekends we were enjoying in exploring our beautiful Slovenia. 