Traveling review of 2017

This travelling year was exceptional, the one we were only able to dream about in the past. Even though we don´t like statistics very much, we counted days that we spent outside Slovenia: 71 🙂 .
Those days were spent in 12 different countries outside Slovenia.

All those wonderful experiences weren´t put under our noses just like that, we had to put a lot of effort in it, work a lot, put a lot of energy in our business, overcame a few obstacles, spent many hours planning all the logistic and confronted with some challenges and emotions that aren´t just nice. There is big responsibility when you are travelling with kids and sometimes even fear, because everything depend on you – not just your own experience of the trip but also everything that is happening to the children. Maybe it seems that traveling with children is harder (and sometimes it is), but at the same time it is much more beautiful, more full, genuine, spontaneous and rich in every way. I wouldn´t change travels that Peter and I did alone for those that we do as a family. I am endlessly grateful for that.

Where have we been in 2017?

After busy December we went on a 22 days long travel in January. It was true balm for body and soul. It was our first time traveling to Central America, to Mexico and Belize.
Belize was on our wish list for a long time – since we went to Zotter chocolate factory in Austria (and saw the movie about cocoa) – but Mexico hadn´t. But there was an opportunity of cheap plane tickets that brought us on adventure, where some prejudice and wrong expectations failed. It was exceptional travel that we enjoyed and we highly recommend it to other travelers.

After that trip we worked a few months, discovered Slovenia and went on a short two day trip to Italy at the beginning of May. What would we do without Italy 🙂 .We went to Verona and around Trieste and give ourselves some gourmet indulgent.

At the end of May we went to London for 4 days, because of a special round birthday. Besides English capital we went to mystical Stonehenge, which was our big wish for the last few years, and idyllic English countryside. London is not the city that we would like to come back over and over again, as opposed to what always charms us – nature around it. We will certainly come again to English countryside.

We just came back from UK and immediately started preparing to one of the biggest family adventures until now – epic travel to Africa, where we went together with our friends. Three weeks of Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Zambia) were literally movie-like. This travel touched us, moved us and thrilled us.

When we already thought that we won´t go anywhere till autumn, part of our family traveled to Crete, Greece for 7 days at the end of August – unexpectedly and on a short notice. Travel or more like holidays of mother and their daughters was special and different as I am used to. The combination of exploring (Crete and Santorini) and relaxing was total difference of what we as a family do. But it was nice change. Maybe I am getting old 🙂 .

For the end of our traveling year of 2017, we went to Thailand for 14 days in October. On that travel we visited Singapore and a little bit of Malaysia as well. We didn´t want the pace of travel to be quick, more like a vacation, easy and calm. We haven´t spend 7 nights on the same place for a long time, but this time we did it on Koh Lipe, Thailand. And – I admit – it was great.

Between those travels there were many moments that weren´t perfect; moments that we weren´t sure how it will end, is it ok or not…
Our wish to be free and to explore, our courage instead of fear and our inner clearness and knowledge that travels are part of our life and part of what we are… that is a signpost of our path. I am grateful for our health and I hope we will be healthy in the future as well.
And I am grateful that we were born and that we live in beautiful Slovenia. I don´t say that everything here is super deluxe, far from that, but when you travel around a bit, you start to cherish what you have. That´s the reason we explore beautiful parts of Slovenia between our travels. Without those moments our life wouldn’t be so perfect and fulfilled.

Enjoy in small pleasures, so one day you will be able to enjoy and cherish bigger ones.