Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime is the heart of the Dolomites. And the Dolomites are – for me – the most beautiful place on Earth. In most books about the Dolomites we can read, that those who have not seen the Dolomites yet, can´t say that they are really mountain lovers. I wouldn´t want to judge but if you really love wonderful nature and mountains, than you just can´t ignore the Dolomites. From Slovenia they are easy accessible, in summer months they offer diverse assortment of good and affordable camps and amazing views. Therein can enjoy top climbers, mountaineers, hikers as well as families with little kids. There is something for everyone – from short hikes to difficult climbing trails.

The Dolomites are our regularity. The place for the soul. There we were going alone and freshly in love – in each other, in mountains and climbing … and later we were going there as a family with two babies and now with a little bigger kids. I don´t count anymore, how many times we were exploring them, but I am still driven there, to those special mountains.