What would we do without Italy? 🙂

If we don´t have more time, we like to enjoy at least short weekends in Italy. This time we went to Trieste. On our way there we stopped at Glinščica valley, which lies on Slovene-Italian border and is real hidden treasure. When the weather is hot you can bath in Glinščica´s cold pools or under the waterfall.

And then further to Trieste. Regardless of first impression, it is so wonderful town, especially in time of ferragosta – Italian summer break in August. We like it so much. Surroundings and old part of town. Outside Trieste reigns Castle Miramar, that is really photogenic and we can combine all that with bathing on sea coast between Miramar and Trieste. The water is much cleaner that by Slovene coast.

Closeness of Slovenian Karst offers variety of possibilities to explore and enjoy in combination nature – Trieste. There is also wonderful panoramic Rilke path that starts north form Trieste by the road Duino – Sistiana and offers great disconnection in nature – or better connection back to the right frequency J – especially in summer and autumn months.

Do you know where in Trieste you can get the best ice-cream? That is in candy and ice-cream shop Ganemi, which is genuine Italian Dolceria – since 1907. How you get there? It is easy- Unita Square is central square in Trieste. If you get to Unita Square from sea side (which is the best, because there are plenty parking places, that charge 1 euro per hour), you cross the Square and then go left to the alley. After a few ten meters you see Ganemi Dolceria at your left. You cannot miss it, because all the locals know where the best ice-cream is. I highly recommend for all ice-cream-holics. 🙂

After bathing in the sea near Miramar we went to nature reserve Isola Della Cona, which is an hour of slow drive away from Trieste. And the next day further, to Slovenian Tuscany – Goriška Brda, which are easy accessible from Italy.

We have many ideas for weekend trips – and we will have to repeat this one soon. 🙂