Tzoumerka Peristeri NP – deep in the middle of mountainous Epir

When we are exploring and enjoying Greece, we like to go outside crowded paths, between locals and into not so known places. Indulging on the beach is just fine, but if it last too long, we get bored. And when that happens it is time to go on adventure to unknown.
One day we went from Parga past Ioannina to national park Tzoumerka – Peristeri, deep in the middle of mountainous Epir. We explored villages Matsouki, Kalarites, Syrrako…
What kind of memories do I have on this road trip? It was wild, shaken, winding and it lasted for ages. There was nice, genuine and non-touristic, but kids were not thrilled about drive itself. I totally understand them. 
Because the road was in really bad condition, in big part macadamized and very winding, kids felt nausea. Nausea due to traveling with car, plane, boat isn´t dangerous, but it is annoying. You forget about it soon after, but during it isn´t fun. The problem is mostly with kids and ones sitting on back sit of the car. Luckilly we don´t have that problems as many as before or maybe we just reinforced. 
Greece has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches, crowded with deckchairs and sunshades. It has so many beautiful places, still quite a lot where there are only a few tourists. And those – by the sea or not – are the ones that we like the most.