Unesco´s Batad

Next morning, after exploring rice terraces in Banaue, we went to famous high altitude rice terraces in Batad. Golden rule is to start early in the morning – especially because rice terrace are at 2 p.m. already in shadow, even when the weather is clear as it was in our case. We sat on the roof of jeepney and drove an hour to starting point for a walk.

Drive on the roof of jeepney itself was great traveling experience and kids will never forget it. From starting point to first view of terraces is 30-45 minutes’ walk – not a big deal for family from Gorenjska 🙂 . But there the real trekking over rice terraces to magnificent waterfall only starts. We walked more than 1.000 high steps (really high) in one way – so everything together more than 2.000 steps. And it was worth it despite sore muscles next day. At the end we enjoyed in simple local “restaurant” with so tasteful rice that we hadn´t eat before on Philippines. And with great view.

Majority of travelers decide to hire a guide that direct them through terraces to waterfall. We didn´t hire him and we didn´t regret it. With a little sense of orientation and walk, which Slovenians have enough, the guide is not necessary. You can chat with locals without a guide, too, most of the times even easier, more freely and genuine.

When we come back to the jeepney in late afternoon – really tired but happy – jeppney´s diver laughed at us. He said that all the travelers come back tired but thrilled with terraces, that locals started building more than 2.000 years ago and which they still carefully take care of.

I don´t have to mention that we fell in our beds that evening and go to sleep with anticipation of another day spend in that special country.