Val d Herens

On our last year travel to Switzerland, it was our goal to see Zermatt and to walk underneath Matterhorn. That was our destination also a year before, but it was lost in clouds, so we decided to try again 🙂 .

That time everything fall in its place and it was wonderful. I have already written more about trekking under Matterhorn. However, because it is never just about destination, but the whole journey, we focused also on everything else we can see in surrounding valleys, under mountains and by the waterfalls.

We chose Molignon camp in Val d Herens valley, which lies South from Sion. It is valley of natural pyramids, glaciers, lakes and all shades of green. We felt some discomfort only morning temperature, which was only 5°C and required warm sleeping bags and warm clothes. The weather was typical for mountains – sonny and cold in the morning and later cloudy but warm with some afternoon showers. That´s why we started our days early.

In the valley, we went to see glacier Ferpecle with its beautiful valley and clay “shore” by the river, which charmed our kids. Their mother was a little less charmed by their clothes after playing there (read: they were dirty of clay 🙂 )

Beside glacier, there are also earth pyramids in town called Euseigne and big dam Grande Dixence, which was magnificent with its size and amount of water trapped between mountains. But we did ask ourselves what would happened if it would break 🙂 .

We don´t want to know.

By the end of the valley, there is Arolla, which offers many trekking paths, suitable for little kids as well as for experienced mountaineers and climbers. We chose trekking to Lac Blue and were thrilled by its beauty. You can read more about that in next article.