Val Veny

Vel Veny is wonderfully beautiful glacial valley that lies crosswise under hillside of Mont Blanc, on its Italian side. It is located south west of Courmayeur. Luckily it cannot be reached by a car, only by an hour long walk that is suitable for younger and older kids.

Surroundings of Courmayeur or Aosta, which lies east from it, offer many nice places to spend holidays in nature. We have already stopped near Aosta twice and have explored its surroundings. There are many camps for reasonable price.

From Aosta you can go west to Courmayeur and to hillside of Mont Blanc, where is also Val Veny and many beautiful waterfalls. You can go north-east to Breuil Cervinie, where lies the most beautiful European mountain – Monte Cervino (Italian) or Matterhorn. North-west from Aosta is mountain pass St. Bernard which lies in border between Switzerland and Italia. South form Aosta is national park Gran Paradiso which is less known but by all means worth visiting.

Beside all that you can get real Italian ice cream in old part of Aosta, even 100% bio pistachio, that represent gourmet delight to me, but we all like to take an ice cream after a long trip to nature. Not to mention good cappuccino and pizza.

Surroundings of Aosta, Courmayeur and national park Gran Paradiso are all worth exploring. We will be visiting them again