Valletta is the capital of Malta. We were expecting dirty, dusty, chaotic city and were positively surprised.  We liked the city, astoundingly. Not as much to spend our holidays there 🙂 but enough to come back second time and indulge in gourmet flavors that Valletta has to offer.

Besides really good sea food, we became fond of their typical snacks, bruschettas – with tomatoes, olives, capers, onions, olive oil, basil oil and rocket by side. They were so delicious (probably because of really good, fresh and quality ingredients), so we treated ourselves with them every day. To visit Valletta was especially great for kids, because we enjoyed in great ice cream and ice cream macaroons. Yummy.  There you can see Italian influence, which is great for us, gourmets.

We took our time in Valletta and walked around old part of the town which is under Unesco protection. Narrow and sometimes steep streets are charming and colorful windows do their trick. Photo motive becomes perfect when among all that you see one typical red English phone box.

There are famous Tarxien megalithic temples in Valletta, which were closed in time of our visit due to renovation (and will be closed for a while). We were not so sad, because we have seen similar ones on south shore of Malta. But we were a little sad not to be able to see Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, famous underground buildings, that were dug out around 2500 bc. At the beginning it was probably used as a sanctuary, afterwards it became necropolis. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is the only prehistoric underground temple on the world. Only 80 visitors per day are allowed and tickets are sold out for weeks in advance, so if you want to see it is important to make reservation as soon as you buy plane tickets. We didn´t make this reservation and were not able to see it.

Anyway – we had great time exploring Valletta. Our inner attitude is always the one that leads our experience of things, people and the world around us. And if we are set to beauty around us, than the beauty we see, experience and live.

This is our travel motto and sometimes – I admit, it doesn´t endure – because we are just humans with our pluses and minuses. But we learn in that directions and, believe me, it works. 🙂