Besides wonderful nature and many animals, I was charmed by something else on this year journey – the city, metropolis actually (which is really weird for me as big cities hardly and rarely thrill me): Vancouver.

I would move to there. In a moment. It has wonderful synthesis between mountains and sea. Between old and new. Between urban downtown and greenery. Is authentic. It has soul. It has hidden places. It is more than a city. We connected immediately and I would easily live in it.

We explored Stanley´s Park, which is oasis of Vancouver. Granville Island and Water Street, which are heart and soul of the city. Downtown, which is integrated softly between greenery and old town, but is not its essence. Beaches on south part of Vancouver, which are surprisingly clean and beautiful considering they are city´s beaches. And there is always something going on – from surfing to playing volleyball. Aquarium in Vancouver is one of world´s most known aquariums and you have to forget about expensive entry fee. As well as expensive entry fee for Capilano suspension bridge park, which is located on its north side and is worth seeing and experiencing. But don´t think you can do that in half an hour. As for Capilano, Stanley and Grabville Island you have to have at least three hours for each.

Vancouver is beautiful, but insanely expensive. We stayed at Jericho Beach Hostel, for price of 80 € per night for 4 persons, which was reasonable price, but reservation was made six months prior. We ate in Chinatown (but in Vietnamese restaurant) where you can get good meal for similar price as in Slovenia. Next day we treated ourselves with lunch on one of the food-stands in Granville public market, where you can get a lot for small amount of money. We decided for Thai food which cost 6 € per portion and it satisfied us. Therefore, you can get a meal and accommodation for a reasonable price here as well. With a little planning and adjusting.