This year our summer break started in Vienna –  because of our flight from Vienna to Seattle. It wasn´t bad, accept for unbearable heat, which we escaped from in shadows of outside part of Schonbrunn. Vienna is beautiful but really expensive. So expensive that we had dinner in – McDonald´s 🙂 . Those that know us understand what that means – we don´t usually go there and we don´t like that food at all. We still don´t. Moreover, when I speak in plural, I have plural in my mind. Kids don´t like it as well. Luckily, they got taste for food from us – besides many silly stuff that kids get from their parents. On our USA and Canada journey they´ve enjoyed in Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Turkish, Greek and Italian food … and only a few times in typically American food.

But we have decided, already at home, to visit Vienna famous Sacher Hotel, where you can get original Sacher cake – nevertheless its price. And we did. We enjoyed its flavor, because it is really good. It is as Vienna. Wonderful – but expensive. As Vienna – for time to time.