Slovenia: Vogel and mountains of Bohinj

Free Saturday and beautiful weather – without doubt we are going to the nature for vitamin D an N 🙂 . As the weather forecast said there will be an inversion, we knew we are going to get some sun and to see golden larch trees in our beautiful TNP.
Our way was toward Bohinj and its mountains. But on our way there suddenly thick fog surrounded us so we changed our plans. We took gondola to Vogel and there we were already above the skies. We decided to do round tour. From upper stop of gondola we went to mountain top named Orlove glave and from there to mountain pasture named Zadnji Vogel and then back to the edge of Rjave skale. This round tour took as three hours, together with rests, lunch and stops to enjoy the views in amphitheater of mountains around us.
I have already been to Vogel, so I knew it is going to be beautiful. But we have never before go to the mountain pasture Zadnji Vogel. What can I say? It was paradise of pure peace and silence, embraced with autumn colors. If anyone will go to those beautiful places and decide to take the same round tour it is important to go in that direction: upper gondola stop – Orlove Glave – mountain pasture Zadni Vogel – upper gondola stop. And not in the opposite direction.
Above Bohinj there are a lot of wonderful mountain pastures that invite us in the autumn with their golden colors and great views. It is worth the effort to climb on one of those.