Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is green ravine carved in hot brown-red Oman rocks and with its green pools, lakes and waterfalls represents real paradise for nature explorers. It is located by the road Sur – Muscat and is must see of travel to Oman.

Hint: you should be as early as possible, while the sun becomes hot real soon and then the trip is harder. Luckily the water in green pools is just the right temperature to cool down (as opposed to water in Wadi Bhani Khalid, which is too hot). In our winter months – in Oman that means just a little less hot – is exploring those parts sometimes impossible because of high water.

But anyway – the best time to explore Oman is definitely from October until March. If you are trying to find a little different, fairytale winter step away from everyday life, then Oman is definitely safe, not touristic and wonderfully beautiful choice.