Waterton lakes

From Glacier National Park, we went over Canadian border to explore a park that is attached to Glacier – that is Waterton Lakes NP. Its peculiarity are lakes, what else, and famous Prince of Wales Hotel. I don´t know the prices there, but I suspect they are high. We sow it just from outside and peeked inside a little. However, we wouldn´t mind a day or two of relaxing there by such a great view from hill over the lake. Maybe sometimes somewhere 

There was a song in my head – can you guess which one?

I wish I could fly… The experience was upgraded by the wind, that made us feel that it would be easy to fly, to glide and enjoy from bird´s eye view.

The last day of enjoying in Waterton Lakes NP was Red Rock Canyon – seeing it and bathing in there. Nothing better – for little and big kids.