Wengen lies above fairytale Swiss valley, full of waterfalls, green meadows and magnificent views. In that valley – near town Lauterbrunnen – we discovered camp Jungfrau three years ago and were pleasantly surprised. Prices are comparable with those in Croatia´s camps in high season, so there aren´t any excuses left for spending holidays in Switzerland. Above Wengen reign Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, triplet of majestic mountains that make every nature lover´s heart sing. Swiss have their infrastructure well organized and are also well aware of natural beauties and their worth. And their own, of course. Which is something Slovenes struggle with.

You cannot come to Wengen by car, only by train from Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald. At frst it seems a little unusual and more expensive than by driving a car, but then you realize that it is the best way to take care for nature and to have as little impact as possible from egoistic human factor on nature.

From Wengen you can go a little higher by taking gondola, to Mannlichen stop. And there arise great view on mountains and valley underneath. At the same time, Mannlichen offers bunch of beautiful paths – round or one-way – that are suitable for children. We decided for three-hour round-path that brought us just under rock face of Eiger, where are also beautiful lakes and springs that offer some release for warm and tired legs, before you continue. In addition, you just enjoy the view. The valley underneath those majestic mountains trilled us by its waterfalls that deserve its own article.