Who are we

We are curious family of four from Slovenia (Europe). Two girls and two boys. Two in their mature years and two attend primary school.
Girls are emotional and passionate, sometimes unpredictable, loud and expeditious. Boys are easy-going, rational and methodical. Their motto is “hurry slowly”, as we would say. We are the biggest learning polygon to one another.
We like to spend time together, to ramble, to explore and to travel. We don´t cut short of challenges easily – that goes for our home town in Slovenia, as anywhere on the other part of the world.
I wish that our travels would give us personal width to understand and accept all that different in the world and to be able to expand our point of view. At the same time I desire that every traveling give us deeper comprehension of the world, the people, the nature and ourselves.
I want strong and healthy roots, which would help us to come home gratefully every single time, but at the same time I wish for us wisdom and courage to open up our wings and live our dreams at fullest. With the most important thing – an open heart 🙂