Why do we travel

We like to travel and to ramble. Mostly because we enjoy it. Because we love to be together. Travel itself gives us width and help recognize all the beauty and wonders of nature and people all over the world. We like to leave our comfort zone and our cozy home, because it gives us opportunity to introduce something new, something unknown and beautiful.

We are curious. We enjoy in beauty of nature, in good food of different taste, in the way people of various color of their skin look at us and in unusual animals in our sight.

We like to travel, because we like to learn – and travel itself is endless learning experience. Because by traveling we get the feeling of humility and we realize how little we truly are. As well as felling of mightiness and capability of adjustment.
And yes, many times it is not easy and we ask ourselves – Why are we doing this? But whatever remains makes it worth. Always.

We are increasingly aware that we should travel slowly and that sometimes less in more. It is not the case just how much to see, but how to feel it and to deeply recognize it. Traveling can, besides obvious width, give you also the depth, but only if you are able to stop and to calm yourself.

We like to travel on our own, without travel agencies. Firstly it is much, much cheaper and secondly we enjoy the freedom of planning, traveling, moving and recognition of everything new. Because tempo that fit us doesn´t necessarily fit everybody. No travel agency has in their itinerary what is common to us – half a day spent on spice market or spent climbing on unusual trees or spent lying by the sea under the sun, enjoying good ice-cream, local food or excellent cappuccino. Nor an uncommon detour, that is necessary to take an extraordinary photo.

Nature is vital point of our travels. We sometimes stop at city or two, but nature inspires us over and over again, and makes us calm down, breathe deeply and connect with our feelings. On traveling we feel small and coordinated – with ourselves and everything around us.

I feel endless gratitude when traveling. I am grateful to be able to travel, I am grateful to be able to see all the beauty and to see how beautiful Slovenia is and how nice it is to live where we live. I appreciate more and more what is given to us. I whine and complain less and less. When you manage to divert attention from your narrow point of life, it becomes easier. At home or anywhere in the world.

I think that average family could be traveling much more than they do. If they would want that, of course. Money isn´t the problem. It is just about priorities, values, intentions, decisions and actions. In return of a new car, phone or computer, trademarks and status symbols, they would be able to afford to travel. Everything is possible with vision, planning and guidance of attention, at the end even with some “let it go” philosophy.

We wish for us many more slowly travels, a bunch of new findings, connections, a lot of gratitude, beauty and companionship.