Why does travel enrich us?

Memories of our trip to Philippines in December are still vivid in our thoughts, feelings and bodies. Actually, the experience of disconnection of our normal life is gaining its full value now, after more than two months, when we were thrown back to rhythm and chaos of western world.

Maybe this is how most of the things are. When being without peace you can appreciate it the most. I observe what is happening here and now, and I don´t like it. I don´t like it at all. And no, I am not running away from reality to memories of another experience, I just observe. And then there is a thought, a feeling, a flesh – different and full of memories of different world and my experience in it. And I know that this experience changed me. It learned me something. It opened my sight and my heart and melted some prejudices or fears – stuff that we all carry around.

I know that travels are changing us. I mean – how could you stay the same? It changes your attitude to the world, to people. You gain wider and deeper insight into the world, people, life, nature, culture, nations, race, and religion.

I don´t feel any particular belonging to the country I was born in. I apologize to all conscious Slovenes. I adore nature of Slovenia and I am deeply grateful that I have an opportunity to live in a country that I do.

But when someone is complaining about life here and about the system, which isn´t good, about country that isn´t fair, about people – as are refugees and immigrants – that go courageously on a path towards peace and possible luck somewhere, and they tear down our inner walls and hold mirrors to everything we are – than I feel like we don´t live on the same planet. Moreover, that it would be good to send all of them to the world. The world would change them.

What you get by traveling is different perspective on people that are around us and on things that are happening. While traveling you are confronted with your biggest fears and also with your strength, inventiveness, reactivity, ability to adapt, respectfulness, empathy, gratitude and awareness of beauty of every single moment. And I haven´t yet started talking about nature, different but interesting people, cultures and traditions and many times unpleasant conditions and “unfair” systems.

While traveling you are exposed to situations that you don´t have influence on, to unpredictable situations, when you can practice your ability to adapt, to lower your expectations, being present in the moment and accepting difference.

And many times that is wonderfully beautiful. And many times it is hard. And no, I wouldn´t change those experiences for anything in the world.

Kids that travel with us sip everything in. Their sight on things is growing wider. They become more flexible. More adaptable. More respectful and full of trust in world and in their own abilities of living in it. They become grateful for everything they have in Slovenia.

So – travel. Go outside of comfort zone of your home. Go somewhere you have never been before. Go over your fears. The experience that you will get will be priceless, despite potential problems that you will be confronted with while traveling.

Sometimes we hear question like: ”How can you afford to travel?”

I know, there are people that can´t afford to travel. Bu the rest … everything is just a matter of priorities. And inventiveness – as travels are becoming less and less expensive.
When I look at my 16-years old car that majority of Slovenes would resale, when I look at our ancient TV, which isn´t the most important thing in our home, luckily, when I open my closet and see inside only cloths that I need for living and working… and when I compare all this to experiences and moments from our travels, that we will never forget… then I know that I made the right decision.

How about you?